50 years of specialized pharmaceutical and medical supply dedicated to the health and safety of maritime professionals

"The Ships' Medicine Chest since 1974"

Complete and customized medical kits for the working mariner

Medical Kits

Lafferty's EMS customized Medical Kit for any size crew or facility.

Lafferty's EMS customized Medical Kits contain easy to follow directions and labeling, and are designed for efficient access and use in emergency situations.

Pharmaceutical Supplies

Prescribed based on your crew's needs.

Lafferty's offers advice on medication selection and uses tailored to specific needs. We also monitor and report medication utilization for each vessel and facility.

Testing and Immunization

Tailored testing and immunization for you and your crew.

The need for testing and immunization has become a significant factor to today's maritime operator. Lafferty's EMS is positioned to provide tailored solutions to keep your crew working and healthy.

Lafferty's EMS makes emergency preparedness, medical care, and immunizations simple for the maritime community.

Lafferty's EMS experience in maritime equipment, alternative medications, and kit configurations along with clear labeling for ease-of-use, makes us the choice for the working boat.

Prescription medications, complete line of non-prescription cough and cold preparations, as well as medical necessities and supply required for safe maritime travel. As a wholesale pharmacy, Lafferty's EMS customizes a vessel's medical and emergency preparedness and maintains it as an ongoing service.

Emergency Care
We are the leading provider of medical supplies to the Pacific Northwest based workboats, and have been for the last 4 decades.
Emergency Care

IV and emergency medical supplies, bandaging, latex gloves, back and wrist support, knee and ankle braces for all crew related medical conditions while out at sea. Lafferty's EMS builds every customer a medical chest based on the customer's specific needs and crew profile.

Custom Approach
Lafferty offers extensive customization, so you can get the perfect medical kits and medications to fulfill your unique needs.
Custom Approach

We know that one size does not fit all when it comes to our customers' medical kit needs. We are happy to work with medical directors and Captains to determine and provide highly customized kits, with everything you need for your operations.

Consultation Advice
We work with medical directors, Captains and their crew, and facility managers to provide a cost effective and reliable source of long dated medications.
Consultation Advice

Lafferty's EMS is the modern day Lafferty's Pharmacy, which was founded in Ballard, WA in 1929. the Lafferty's family has built it's longstanding reputation on supporting the PNW maritime community, and is it's leading supplier.

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